Finding the right keywords to 'SEO' on your website can be tricky. Keywords are incredibly important, as you want to make sure your website appears on the first page of Google for terms that your customers are using.

Luckily, Hike can really help you with this. Our keyword ideas tool will bring back lots of potential keywords for you to choose from, so you can quickly spot those that will drive the right kind of visitor (ie. a potential customer!).

But you need to add something to get our recommendations. And sometimes this first phrase isn't always obvious!

Here's some tips for you if you're struggling to find that first keyword:

  1. Is there a phrase/service that 'sums up' you as a business, eg marketing software, online estate agency, commercial cleaning services, etc. Enter some options and see what the suggestions are like - do they encompass what you do?

  2. Look at what your competitors are doing! Navigate to their website and look at their copy, especially their tagline as this is usually a good indicator of a keyword they will be optimising for.

  3. Be creative! Chuck in a few ideas and see what we bring back. Don't be scared to think outside the box. You might just find a gem of a keyword that your customers are searching for!

Good luck, and if you need any more help give us a shout through the message box in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

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