Blogs are extremely important for SEO. They drive new traffic through additional keywords, they are great for PR/media, and they give your brand a voice so you can connect with your customers.

But, sometimes it can be tricky to come up with ideas for content. Building a strategy usually takes a lot of time. 

That's why we developed this tool. It provides you with lots and lots of content ideas that provide inspiration. Here's two options you can use moving forwards:

  1. Write content based on these title ideas exactly. Did the generator come up with a good title? You can use this exactly as it is for the title of your content. You just need to make sure your content is better than those already out there!

  2. Tweak the title, and add a 'spin' to it. Maybe you can use the title for inspiration and amend it slightly. Maybe you can write about the topic in a more generic guise, or maybe you can go more niche? get creative :)

  3. Don't use any of the titles. You don't have to use any of them on your blog and website. You can use this tool merely as a brainstorming partner that you can use for new ideas!  

You'll spot that we grab title ideas from a few different sources, here's how they differ:

 - Google topics are long tail keywords that are actually being searched within Google. 

 - Competitor topics are blogs titles that are actually sending traffic to your competitor websites.

 - YouTube and Twitter: these are there to help you spot what's current - what people are talking about right now - in these social channels.

When you find a topic that you want to remember and write about click the '+' icon, and then we can send you reminders to write it and also give you tips on how to make your new blog as SEO-friendly as possible :)

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