When you onboard with Hike you have the option to add up to 6 competitors. You can also add more within the platform once you're setup.

We use these competitors to provide you with information such as:
 - what keywords they rank for
 - what level of traffic they get, and what channels they get their traffic from
 - what blogs are driving them SEO traffic

Here's advice for choosing your competitors:

  1. Add the websites that you see appear high in Google for terms your customers might use (e.g. if you're a plumber, add the websites that rank high for the keyword 'local plumber' or 'plumber near me' in Google).

  2. Add the websites who are your competitors in 'real-life'. Are there competitors who you directly compete with? Then add those, but it's better if they also rank well in SEO already.

  3. Add websites who you know have a good content strategy already. Are there competitor websites who have a great blog, that you want to emulate/improve upon? Then add those too.

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