The keyword priority bar is a metric that is unique to Hike, and it is an extra measure to help you decide what keywords to choose.

The higher the priority, the higher we recommend that keyword.

So how is it worked out? There are 3 inputs we use to generate priority:

  1. The SEO authority of your website - we look at your site and grab it's existing level of domain authority, so we can see if the website already has a lot of SEO value or not

  2. The search volume of the keyword (higher generally is better, but only when competition is lower)

  3. The difficulty of the keyword (the lower the better)

From these we generate a priority score, using our own bespoke algorithm.

BUT don't be scared to add some low priority keywords too, especially if they are highly relevant for your business. It will likely be that they will taker longer to rank for, but you are future-proofing your site and planning for when your SEO is stronger by adding them to your site now.

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