When you run through our content idea generator tool, you'll see blog title ideas from the competitors you've added into Hike.

How do we generate these? We look at the keywords that your competitors rank for in Google, and then filter these for keywords that are potential blog titles for you.

E.G. We look for all their keywords which are 'how/why/where/when/etc'.

These are great to know, as they could be driving significant & relevant traffic for your competitors already.

So what should you do with this information? Well, if your competitor has written about that topic then it's likely because it's highly relevant and has an audience.

You can do a few things with this information:

  1. Write an article on the same subject, but make it much better. This is a classic SEO tactic; find something that is working for someone else, and then recreate that content but make it so much better that Google ranks you above them! 

  2. Use the subject for your own blog but add a new spin/twist to it. Maybe you can reword their title and talk about a more niche subject, or maybe make the subject more general. For example, a competitor may have written an article called 'Tips for looking after your boiler', which you could use and go more specific such as 'Tips for looking after your boiler during the winter'.

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