During the on-boarding process we ask you to enter your company address information. This is particularly important for businesses who serve customers within a specific region or radius, but it can be helpful for all businesses.

We use this information to cross-check your business details against other websites that list your business details, and flag if it's different or missing.

For example, if you have a listing on Yell/Yellow Pages (these are called 'citations'), are the details on there the same as what you entered into Hike?

Sometimes they may not be (maybe you've changed address or phone number). If not you need to correct this, as this helps in two ways:

  1. Google uses the consistency of your business details across the internet to judge how well you rank for local searches. EG if you're a plumber in London, but your business location address details differ on lots of websites, it's going to prevent you from ranking page 1 when someone searches "plumber in London"
  2. It's important your potential customers are seeing the right information when they see your business details. If they find you via Yellow Pages it's not good if you're phone number is wrong!

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