If your customers are based within a specific region (say, London) or they are within a certain radius (say, 20 miles around your location) then you fall under a particular type of SEO. It's called local SEO.

Local SEO is different because you only need to rank in Google for the locations your customer will be in. There's no point customers the other side of the country seeing your website at the top of Google if you can't service them!

Local SEO is not overly different from regular SEO. You still need to pick the right keywords, assign them to landing pages and optimise your website correctly.

Where things change slightly is when it comes to offsite SEO; this is the important SEO elements that are not determined by your website itself.

This includes local citations (read here to know what this means) and your Google Business Profile (aka Google Maps) listing. These two elements are very important if you want to rank at the top of Google in a particular location.

That's why we have a dedicated section on local SEO within Hike. We ask for your exact business details which we use to complete a citation audit for your business (read more about that here) and give you actions that will help your rankings!

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