We built Hike so that anyone can do their own SEO. Because of this we've made sure that the content we provide - and the instructions within them - are easy to understand for absolutely anyone.

Once you've built an SEO strategy with Hike's help you then need to implement this on your website with the actions supporting you, and telling exactly what to do.

Hike will guide you through making every SEO action that's needed via the instruction copy contained within the task. 

For example, see the screenshot below of an action to update an important SEO element called a 'title tag':

Within this task - and every other task - we detail in very simple terms the following information:

  1. Exactly what the task you need to complete is

  2. Why it's important for your SEO

  3. How to action this task for maximum SEO benefit

  4. Instructions on what to do in the major CMS platforms (eg like Wordpress)

With this information anyone can do SEO, even you! :)

And even if you don't have the time to do it yourself, we can help - just give us a shout :)

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