If you're a business who serves customers within a specific location or range of locations, then you'll want to appear when customers search with a location in Google. 

For example, someone might search "plumber London".

When it comes to using Hike's keyword suggestion there are two options for you when adding a location:

1. If you're new and you're searching for keyword suggestions to SEO on your website within Hike it's more effective to not include the region you're aiming for.

This is because if you exclude the region then you'll get more options/suggestions to choose from. For example, you will quickly see that more people search "plumber" than search "plumbing experts", so you will want to SEO the term "plumber".

2. BUT if you want to rank for when someone searches with a location (eg "plumber London") then make sure you do add that phrase to the chosen keyword list before moving on from this page.

This is because this is what we will track in Google search for your rankings, and what we will provide recommendations for in your SEO action list. 

One thing to also note is that we search in Google as if we were in a specific location; this makes your search results even more accurate for your target customers. 

For example, if you choose "plumber" as a keyword and then set "London" as your location at the end of on-boarding we will track your rankings as if someone based in London went to Google and searched "plumber".

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