One of our favourite Hike features is the content title generator, where we provide you with blog title suggestions that you can use for your onsite content.

But, in order for us to return suggestions, you first have to provide us with a keyword; a keyword that we can use to bring back ideas.

How do you choose the right keyword? (Before we get into the tips, you can add up to 3 new keywords a month, so you're not doomed forever if you're not happy with your first set of results!)

Here are some tips for what keyword topic to add:

  1. Add the services/products you offer (e.g. for Hike, we'd add "SEO")

  2. Add the niches you're involved in (e.g. for Hike, we'd add "startup marketing")

  3. Add interesting topics around your industry (e.g. for Hike, we'd add "artificial intelligence")

  4. Go broad, and even left-field! (e.g. for Hike, we'd add "startup productivity tips")

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