What's an H1 heading? It's the HTML code that surrounds a heading, which denotes that heading as the most important one on the page.

Just like the page title element, the H1 heading is used by Google and the other search engines to understand what the topic of the page is. 

It's a bit like a chapter heading in a book; it often summarises the content of that chapter. 

Because of this, it's a good idea to try and add your main keyword into this heading, if it can be added in naturally.

For example, let's say I run a fashion website and I want to target the keyword 'fashion ideas'. I've created a page specifically for this keyword, and so I would use the following text within the H1 heading:

  • Fashion Ideas

  • Latest Fashion Ideas

  • Fashion Ideas From Hike Clothing

  • Etc.

Important! It’s important that you only have one H1 heading per page - otherwise, you lose it’s awesome SEO impact!

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