We built Hike to help anyone with SEO. 

And because of this we're not only helpful to business owners or in-house staff who want to improve the SEO presence of the brand they work for. Hike is also super-useful for agencies.

Who can Hike help?

Are you an agency with a client base, but you can't deliver SEO at the moment as you don't have the skill set?

You don't need to have any prior SEO experience to create a strategy and implement it with Hike. That's why we're helping many agencies add SEO to the list of products they offer.

Are you an SEO agency who needs to train up new members of staff, but don't have the time or resource to do it?

Hike will teach anyone the skills needed for SEO in a simple step-by-step fashion. From choosing keywords to assigning pages, and much more. Your staff will learn all the ins-and-outs of SEO. Plus we have a great help centre and Facebook Group they can learn even more from.

How Hike works for agencies

Within Hike we have an agency package that allows you to add multiple websites to the one account, and create multiple users that you can assign freely to the accounts you wish.

This way you have the ability to grow your customer base and maintain them easily within the platform, granting access to staff whenever needed.

How to find out more about our agency package

If you're interested in finding out more about the agency package then get in touch with us at support@hikeseo.co or message us through our live chat.

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