A question we get asked a lot is...

"Do I need to have a fully developed website before I can start using Hike?"

Not exactly, no. In fact Hike can help you to structure your new website, so it's in the best shape ready for SEO.

During the first stage of Hike you select the keywords that are relevant for your business.

The next stage is to assign these keywords to pages on your website, but as you don't have a finished website you can start to build out a proposed sitemap using this feature.

When you click 'Add Page To Sitemap' you can check a box to say that this page doesn't exist yet:

Then we will add this new page to the sitemap so you can drag keywords to it, and ensure you have the right landing pages for all of the relevant keywords you identified on the previous step.

Then, once you've built your website and it is live, you can ask Hike to crawl the site and we will provide the specific SEO copy recommendations to optimise those phrases on the website correctly.

Hope that helps!

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