If you've made significant changes to your website then you will want Hike to re-crawl your website so the actions we recommend are completely up to date.

To do this simply head over to your Action Settings page and then click the button that says 'Recrawl':

There are then 3 options:

  1. I just want to get an updated list of actions - use this if you want a refresh of actions for your website
  2. I have updated/added some pages on my website - select this when you've not significantly changed your site but added some new pages (eg. a new blog, or new landing pages)
  3. I have totally changed my website - select this if you've updated/changed URLs significantly on your website (eg. moved to HTTPS or had a big revamp of your website)

Once you have pressed this button please allow the system 1-2 hours to fully update. You can do this up to 10 times every month.

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