Blogs are fantastic for SEO and it should form part of any SEO service you provide to your clients.

Why? So many reasons, including: 

 - Optimising more keywords
 - Building out new pages
 - Keeping the website refreshed and up to date (Google loves this)
 - Conveying the brand's tone of voice
 - Promoting PR-worthy material
 - The list goes on! 

So how many blogs should you write for your clients?

There's no hard and fast rule here that you should follow, only general rules of thumb, and it will depend on the level of resource you have available.

Our suggestion - and we try to work to this on Hike as well - is to create at least one blog per month for your clients. This is a minimum so make sure you build this into the campaign you sell them. 

Obviously, creating more blogs isn't going to harm their SEO - in fact it will do the opposite. So, offer your clients the ability to increase the amount of content you create for them - and highlight why it will help their SEO.

But - don't reduce quality for the sake of repetition. What I mean by that is don't put out sub-par blogs just so you fill your quota.

There is likely going to be a point of diminishing returns, where creating more content is going to have a negative effect - purely because you'll likely be creating content for the sake of it and the quality across all of them will decrease.

This is just going to waste your time, and reduce the quality of your client's content. Definitely not worth it.

A sweet spot will be up to you and the client, as you need to make sure each piece of content is high quality and you're leaving time to help promote that content after you create it.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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