When you find a great journalist request that you want to reply to within Hike it's super important that your response is simple to read and to the point.

Journalists can be a funny bunch, so you want to make your response as digestible as possible to someone who may be very busy and receive lots of emails.

There are two elements that you need to create content for: email subject and email message.

Email subject

Within the subject line we suggest mentioning the name of the request. For example, if the request was titled "Local SEO Pro Tips" we would suggest your email subject line as "Local SEO Pro Tips - My response to your request".

Of course you can play around with this, but this simple template has worked well in the past.

Email message

This is the most important part of this process; you have a much greater chance of being cited within their article if the content you provide is something different to what they’ve already received.

If you provide information that they could find via a quick Google search themselves, then it’s not unique expert opinion – it’s recycled popular opinion, that they’ll likely already know. If you can provide a unique angle on a subject then that’s going to provide the journalist with something a little different. 

The better / more unique your response, the higher the likelihood of being included and gaining that awesome backlink!

Here is an example response email to review (PS note that I have made sure to include the personal information the journalist asked for)...

Hi Alana,

Here’s my quote for your "Local SEO Pro Tips" article:

“Google Business Profile Posts have huge potential to increase the visibility for small businesses. Not only have they been shown to have a small impact on your website’s visibility in SEO, but what is not commonly known is that Google have started to pull through relevant Posts into their Google Search app on phones. When you open the app, you are greeted with lots of cards from subjects relevant to you; and Google have started to test pulling through Google Business Profile Posts here. This is a huge opportunity to gain more visibility! “

Details about me:
Name and title = Andrew Allen, Co-founder at Hike
Link to headshot =
Website link = https://hikeseo.co


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