It's really important that you recognise the difference between informational and transactional keywords.

Informational Keywords

A user will use these keywords when searching for more generic terms. They use these keywords as they want to see blogs and articles to give them more information. Examples include "SEO", "Fashion Trends 2021" & "Benefits of Green Tea"

For this reason, those keywords are great to assign to relevant blog posts/informational pages on your website.

Transactional Keywords

A user will use transactional keywords to find services or products that they are looking for. Examples include "SEO Agency" "Online Clothing Shop" & "Organic Green Tea"

These keywords are great to assign to relevant service, category & product pages (as well as your home page).

If you are ever unsure if a keyword is informational or transactional, just do a simple Google search. If on the first page, Google is ranking blog posts/informational pages - it's most likely an informational keyword. If Google is ranking a homepage, service, category or product pages - it's transactional!

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