If you head to the https://my.hike.marketing/backlinks/opportunity section you'll see a list of backlink opportunities that two or more of your competitors have from the same website. You will only see a list of backlinks your website doesn't currently have.

Filter through these competitor opportunities. Any that are relevant and you would like the opportunity to gain a backlink from, add to 'In Progress' by pressing the green arrow. This is a great way to manage your opportunities!

With the opportunities, you've added to 'In Progress' it's now time to outreach!

Some of our opportunities are presented with contact information. If not, you'll normally find this on the website itself.

Here's a great article with some email templates to get you started with your outreach.

Also head to https://my.hike.marketing/competition and have a look at the 'backlinks' tab. This is another great section of the platform to identify some great backlink opportunities.

Remember, you get 6 competitor credits per month now!

The more competitors you add to the platform, the more data you have to work with.

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